Shellgrit Mini Block

Shellgrit Mini Block

A shell grit based block to supplement additional calcium in diets.
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  • Boredom Buster

    An enriching calcium block supplement that stimulates chickens interest and discourages bad behaviours such as feather picking and bullying.
  • Eliminates Waste

    The compact block formulation challenges chickens, reducing wasting habits such as "kicking out" or selectively eating.
  • Long Lasting

    The unique and all natural glue formulation extends the life of the shellgrit block, giving chickens a full day of enjoyment.

Storage Requirements:

For optimal shelf life and quality the product should be stored below 30 degrees and off the ground in a cool dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

Feeding Ratio:

Always ensure that your poultry have access to fresh water and shellgrit or shellgrit blocks. Immediately replace once consumed as they are essential to your flock’s health and productivity.

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All your questions answered

So long as you provide the shell grit blocks one at a time, out of the weather where poultry have free access to it, you should not have any issues with overdosing on shellgrit. Chickens are able to regulate their own intake and will freely choose to supplement themselves with calcium when the need to. However, if you do notice soft egg shells or identify a calcium deficiency, we advise temporary use of Nesty Calci-Boost to fix these severe deficiencies.

Both loose and pressed blocks of shellgrit are an excellent way to supplement poultry with additional calcium. There is no right or wrong choice with what form to use. Providing your flock with a shellgrit block however, will help minimise your flock wasting shellgrit by kicking it out. Unlike loose shellgrit, blocks don't need to be stored in a bowl either.

It is not advised to feed two calcium sources at the same time as it may result in an overdose. Feed Nesty Calci-Boost when a known calcium deficiency is present and provide shellgrit blocks as a top up in between.

The Nesty Shellgrit blocks are made from limestone that is then formed into the shape of shells. It is highly soluble and an excellent source of calcium. Nesty uses their in house designed, all-natural and non- toxic glue formulation to set the Shellgrit blocks to perfection. The gluing agent does contain a small percentage of gelatine (a product derived from animals), therefore making it not vegetarian only. Chickens are however, an omnivorous species and will benefit from eating meats and meat by-products as it is a quality source of protein and valuable nutrients.

If your Shellgrit gets soiled, dispose of it and replace with fresh shellgrit.

Yes, shellgrit is a safe and soluble source of calcium that can be provided to all poultry. Poultry with beaks will find consuming the Nesty Shellgrit Block easier than poultry with beaks, Nesty advises to address this accordingly.

Supplementing shellgrit in your flocks diet will aid in bone and skeletal formation, strong eggshells, and quality egg production.

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