An Egg-cellent Solution.

Nest boxes built to last.

Established in early 2023, Nesty Boxes was a joint expedition between Tyler Austin and Claire Pearce who saw an opportunity to build high quality nest boxes that were not only affordable but practical too. Striving for that quality, they begun creating cutting edge designs, unique to the market with a specific focus on the chicken, owner and egg. To cater to the individual needs, they constructed multiple nest boxes out of a variety of materials with different features.

A Cluckin' Good Team.

An unlikely duo with big dreams.

Growing up on a farm, Claire lived and breathed the outdoors. Spending every spare moment, riding horses, feeding sheep, breaking cows for show and of course, breeding chickens. Tyler on the other hand, was unfamiliar to this farming lifestyle, coming from the heart of Brisbane where he had worked as an International Manager for a furniture company. Ball sports, running, and snowboarding were his idea of fun. Whilst coming from vastly different backgrounds, they both shared big dreams, hoping to open a small business together and utilise their skills together. Claire, hosting an extensive amount of knowledge in the agricultural sector and Tyler, holding valuable techincal and management skills. Having found eachother, they were keen to start a business, but the big question was, what could it be?

Hooked on Chooks.

Made with the chook, owner and egg in mind.

Much similar to many chicken owners, chooks have been in Claire’s family for generations. Throughout those years, it was widely the case to have nest boxes that were difficult to clean with a market shallow for options. Realising the gap, Claire and Tyler begun creating a series of nest boxes each with their own distinct attributes to suit the diverse chicken market. From materials used for construction, to the shape and style of the nesting box, each one was unique in its finish. With the health and happiness of the chicken being of utmost importance, the boxes had a strict focus on ventilation and material used to keep cool. Longevity and simplicity were also key factors taken into account throughout development. Incorporating pull out trays and weather resistant materials to make easy to use nest boxes that are built to last. Nest boxes and all products associated with Chickens quickly became an obsession for the pair. The goal is to be the go-to brand and product for when you think of nest boxes. So keep an eye on the website for more great products every day!