Nesty Basics Chicken Sunflower Seeds

Nesty Basics Chicken Sunflower Seeds

A popular and nutritious treat to support shiny plumage and overall condition in your flock.
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Chicken Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are an excellent supplement for fat, boosting energy and encouraging lustrous feathers and plumage. Sunflower seeds are high in Omega 6 Fatty Acids and low in Omega 3s. Black oil sunflower seeds are the best variety to feed to poultry due to their higher oil content, better digestibility and economic value. Black oil sunflower seeds have thinner hulls that are more tightly held to the kernel when compared to thicker, non-oil seeds.

This rich source of Omega 6 Fatty Acids aid in the inflammatory immune response, cell integrity and may support skin health.

Storage Requirements:

For optimal shelf life and quality the product should be stored below 30 degrees and off the ground in a cool dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

Feeding Ratio:

Ensure that your flock’s diet consists of 90% standard chicken feed and a maximum of 10% treats. Sunflower seeds are high in calories, therefore we advise to not overfeed them as it may upset the balance of fatty acids in their diet.

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All your questions answered

Due to black oil sunflower seeds high oil content, it will provide healthy fats to add weight. The rich antioxidant and vitamin E content of sunflower seeds will also strengthen chickens' immune systems and allow them to maintain weight.

Yes, sunflower chickens will aid in the egg production of your flock. The rich source of fat and protein will also improve egg quality.

Black sunflower seeds are commonly referred to as “Black oil sunflower seeds.” As the name suggests, they have a higher oil content than striped ones.
Black oil sunflower seeds contain 40-50% oil whereas striped ones only contain 25%.
In terms of size, striped sunflower seeds are larger with thicker hulls (shells) and are more expensive than black oil sunflower seeds.

Feeding sunflower seeds can be as simple as sprinkling on the ground or can be fed in a bowl. Be careful not to feed too many as it can lead to fatty liver disease and other unwanted problems.

Yes, you can feed your chickens a wide range of treats. This includes vegetable and food scraps, oil seeds, maize and more but it should not exceed 10% of their total diet.
Always consult with an expert if you have any concerns.


PET FOOD ONLY. INTENDED FOR CHICKENS ONLY. This product does not contain any restricted animal material. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Sourced from a feedsafe acredited mill. WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY IF THIS FEED IS USED IN QUANTITIES, CONDITIONS OR IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE RECOMMENDATIONS. UNSUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Ingredients Disclaimer

The feed displayed in ingredients is representative, and the actual appearance of the feed may vary naturally. However, this natural variation in appearance does not impact the feed's nutritional value in any way.