Nesty Anti-Crow Collar

Nesty Anti-Crow Collar

Anti-Crow Collar effectively manages your rooster's crowing, manage noise with an easy fitting crow collar.
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The Ultimate Solution for Rooster Noise Control

Noisy roosters no more! Manage your roosters crow with the easy fitting Nesty Anti Crow Collar. The perfect solution for suburban or built up areas where your poultry may cause disturbances.


Reduces Noise


Easy Fitting




Reduces Noise


Easy Fitting



Maximise Peace with the Nesty Anti-Crow Collar

Designed to minimise the volume of your rooster's crow, making it an essential tool for maintaining peace in suburban areas. By snugly fitting around the rooster's neck, it controls the airflow during crowing, thereby reducing the sound. This solution allows roosters to express themselves without causing a disturbance, making it perfect for poultry owners looking for a great cockerel collar.

The Benefits of Using a Crow Collar

This Crow Collar, offers a humane approach to noise management without compromising the health or comfort of your rooster. Ideal for anyone searching for a reliable rooster crow collar, it provides a practical solution to noise concerns, ensuring your rooster can still crow, just quietly.


  • Place your rooster on your lap, with its back facing you. Using your thumb and index finger, create a loop under the feathers. Gently slide your hand towards its face to hold the feathers out of the way. Pro tip: Keep one hand gently securing your rooster on your lap while using the other to manage the collar.
  • Using your opposite hand, position one end of the collar at the back of the rooster's neck. Secure it in place with your thumb, making sure it sits low on the neck. Pro tip: Leave a small gap between your thumb and the collar's end to ensure there's room for the hook and loop to connect initially.
  • While keeping your thumb in place, wrap the collar around the neck and press it firmly to secure. Pro tip: Ensure the initial overlap of the hook and loop is snug, then align the remaining portion of the collar and press it down.
  • Check the snugness of the collar. Only the tip of your smallest finger should fit under the collar's edges. Before returning your rooster to its spot, observe its breathing and allow it a moment to get comfortable. Adjust the tightness as necessary. Pro tip: Allowing your rooster to wear the collar loosely for a day can help it get used to the sensation. Initially, your rooster might react by attempting to remove the collar; using treats during this process can make it a more pleasant experience for your rooster.

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All your questions answered

The Nesty Anti Crow Collar is designed to reduce the volume and frequency of a rooster crow. Reserves of air from air sacs (in addition to their lungs) are expelled when roosters crow, Anti Crow Collars limit the force of the air to make crows quieter.

The Nesty Anti Crow Collar is designed to reduce the power behind the roosters crow. Whilst it won’t completely diminish it, the collars will assist in causing less of a disturbance in suburban areas. Worn snuggly round the rooster's neck, the collar tends to control the force of the air and thus makes the crow quieter. Please note that the effectiveness of the collar differs between chickens and the person who fitted the collar. It is not guaranteed to stop the rooster's crow.

Yes, Nesty’s Anti Crow will not change the way the rooster eats, drinks, breathes or behaves. Be sure to check your coop for any items that could snag the collar.

Only the tip of your smallest finger should fit in the edges of the collar. Before releasing the rooster, check that he is breathing properly and comfortable with his new collar.

The collar measures 20cm by 2cm. It will fit most small to large fowl including polish and silkies. Every rooster is different and the collar is best used as an aid to manage rooster crowing.

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