Chicken Superfoods

Chicken Superfoods

Concentrated nutrient premix to enhance the productivity of laying poultry when added to existing feed.
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Nesty's own chicken superfoods.

Nesty superfoods is a carefully formulated concentrated premix designed to be mixed into existing feed.


100% Natural

100% Natural Ingredients sourced from an accredited feed-safe mill.


Added Vitamins & Minerals

Essential top-quality vitamins and minerals which provide added enrichment and productivity within your flock!


Nutrient Dense

High Nutritional value to boost standard feeds. Blend into an existing diet at 50% inclusion.


100% Natural

100% Natural Ingredients sourced from an accredited feed-safe mill.

Added Vitamins & Minerals

Essential top-quality vitamins and minerals which provide added enrichment and productivity within your flock!


Nutrient Dense

High Nutritional value to boost standard feeds.

When to use Chicken Super Foods?

During moulting or periods of stress.

To add enrichment & reduce boredom.

To support repair and recovery.

To aid in egg production and quality when there is a reduction.

See what makes it super

Hulled Oats

Used only in our higher spec feeds, hulled oats or “naked oats” have the fibrous hull removed, making their nutrients more available. Oats have high levels of essential amino acids, lysine and methionine. It also has the highest lipid content of all cereals. Hulled oats can reduce pecking and aggression in flocks too.

Black Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds provide healthy fats and antioxidants, whilst improving the quality of hens eggs and boosting their immunity. Rich in vitamin E, sunflower seeds provide energy and can aid in the moulting process and periods of stress. The high linoleic acid content is essential for keeping poultry at a healthy weight, particularly throughout winter, where plumper chickens will handle the cold better.

Concentrated Minerals

A nutrient dense mineral formulation is provided in Nesty Superfoods, allowing for easy and guaranteed consumption. The rich source of minerals includes calcium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, cobalt, copper, magnesium, iodine, manganese, iron and molybdenum, which each play an essential role in laying poultry. Given that Nesty Superfoods is a concentrate, the mineral content is higher than in standard feeds and therefore must be blended to avoid overdosing.

Concentrated Vitamins

Essential for normal body functions, growth and reproduction, a concentrated blend of vitamins is provided in Nesty Superfoods The dense formulation allows for easy consumption ensuring your hens receive the nutrients they need.


High in carbohydrates and low in fibre, maize (corn) is easy to digest and a valuable source of energy. Maize can increase chickens weight and contains less sugar than sweet corn. Cryptoxanthin is a colour pigment present in corn that may help give egg yolks a brighter yellow colour too. The high calorie, low protein content makes maize an essential and widely used cereal as part of the balanced diet.


Used only in our Superfood diet, barley offers lower energy values than other cereals due to its low starch and high fibre content. Barley is used in Nesty Superfoods to complement chickens’ existing diet and to provide additional fibre.


Linseed is a unique oilseed because of its high alpha-linoleic acid. It is one of the most concentrated sources of unsaturated fatty acids available in poultry feeds. Linseed enriches eggs with omega 3 fatty acids enormously. The increase in polyunsaturated fatty acids is accompanied by a decrease in saturated fatty acids, the result is a healthier fat profile. Nutrients in linseeds are very important in the development and maintenance of a healthy brain, liver and heart.

Lucerne chaff

Fibre rich and highly palatable, lucerne is an enriching option that stimulates positive behaviours in poultry. Lucerne also helps to optimise chickens intestinal flora, particularly when phasing in new feeds. It supports the yellow colouring of the yolk and assists with birds to be healthier, stronger and fuller in feather.


Peas can be a valuable energy and protein source for several classes of poultry. They are low in fat and high in starch. This legume is high in lysine, one of the most vital amino acids required in poultry diets and it’s high protein content complements many cereal based diets.

Soybean Meal

Soybean Meal offers high levels of protein, an excellent amino acid profile and good bioavailability. It aids in chickens' growth and overall well-being. It’s high specifications allow for it to be paired with a variety of cereals, complementing feeds such as corn which is the primary energy source in many poultry diets. Soybean meal can aid in lustrous feathers and may reduce the risk if some health problems.

Vegetable Oil

An excellent source of essential fatty acids and energy. Oil is rich in a variety of unsaturated fatty acids which are important for the growth and development of laying hens, particularly linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is deposited directly into the egg yolk which thereby increases the weight of the egg. Oil also improves the overall palatability of the feed, animal immunity and feed intake.

Shell Grit

The grit helps grind down the food in the gizzard, keeping their digestive system happy! Shell grit also gives your chickens' calcium levels a boosth.


Hulled Oats

Used only in our higher spec feeds, hulled oats or “naked oats” have the fibrous hull removed, making their nutrients more available. Oats have high levels of essential amino acids, lysine and methionine. It also has the highest lipid content of all cereals. Hulled oats can reduce pecking and aggression in flocks too.

Why Chicken Super Foods

Provides superior nutrition supporting hen health and egg production.

Our blend of natural whole and cracked grains, seeds, and cut lucerne is designed to stimulate your birds' natural foraging behavior.

Added Vitamin-E for repair and recovery.

Enriching normal feed to eliminate boredom and reduces feed intake.

Contains calcium essential for strong egg shells, bone development and strength.

Set recipe formulation with the same top quality ingredients used in every batch.


For the best results:

  • Mix Nesty's Concentrated Superfood into normal feed, ensure thoroughly mixed to prevent selective feeding behaviour.
  • The feeding ratio given in the specifications are based on the amount of feed needed to meet a hen's vitamin and mineral requirements.
  • Regularly monitor your bird's health and adjust the feedingamounts as needed.
  • Provide clean water and a comfortable living environment for your birds to thrive. In conjunction with your everyday feed, Nesty Superfoods will provide your flock will receive optimal nutrition and care, leading to healthier, more productive birds.

Nutrition Information:

Crude Proteins 17%
Crude Fats 8%
Crude Fibres 8%
Me Mj/ Kg 11%
Calcium 6%

Storage Requirements:

For optimal shelf life and quality the product should be stored below 30 degrees and off the ground in a cool dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

Feeding Ratio:

Feeding Ratio: 50% of total diet

2Kg SuperFoods Mix in with 2kg of everyday feed.=4Kg
3.5Kg SuperFoods Mix in with 3.5kg of everyday feed.=7Kg

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All your questions answered

No, Nesty Superfoods is antibiotic free and vegetarian only.

Nesty Superfoods can be added immediately into your chickens regular diet with no adjustment period necessary. Always have clean water available.

Whilst Nesty Superfoods is specifically formulated for laying hens to boost egg productivity and hen health, it can be fed to all poultry. This does not change the fact it must be mixed in with your standard feed at an inclusion rate of 50%.

From point of lay (18 weeks) onwards, Nesty Superfoods can be provided as part of the regular diet of laying hens or during periods of stress or loss of productivity to help boost the health of your flock. It is not recommended to feed to poultry less than 18 weeks old.

No, Nesty Superfoods is a concentrate designed to be mixed in with your every day chicken feed at 50% inclusion rate.
For example if you normally feed 1kg of standard feed out each day, feed instead: 500g of standard feed and 500g of Nesty Superfoods.

Wheat or chook pellets and crumbles sourced from your local fodder store are most suitable to mix with Nesty Superfoods. An everyday chook pellet usually is 15% crude protein, 2.5% crude fat and 4% calcium.
Standard feeds with similar specifications would be complemented with the use of Nesty Superfoods.

Lustrous feathers and a brighter comb may be noticeable along with stronger egg shells and more vibrant yolks. Hens may be more interested in their feed and have better feed utilisation as their energy and nutrient requirements are met earlier than the sole use of standard feeds.
Results may vary between flocks.

Nesty Superfoods can be fed as part of your flock's regular diet, but is best used during periods of stress, loss of productivity or as preparation feed for show birds.
Always feed Nesty Superfoods at an inclusion rate of 50% mixed in with your standard chicken feed.

Nesty Superfoods is a timely option whereby owners can add it when they need to rather than as a constant part of their diet. It allows for temporary enrichment without having hens turn "fussy" as it is mixed in with their regular feed.
-It is not uncommon for hens to turn their nose up at standard chicken feeds if provided a more expensive, higher spec option. By adding Nesty Superfood as a temporary addition into their regular feeds, it is less likely for your hens to turn "fussy" and not want to go back to their standard feeds.
If you would still prefer to feed a higher spec feed, we have Nesty Complete which offers an enriching diet, high in energy and protein to suit the needs of very productive hens. This blend can be provided straight and doesn't require the preparation like Nesty Superfoods.

For optimum results recommend feeding Nesty Superfoods for a minimum of 14 days.
However, you may still feed your hens Nesty Superfoods as a "one off" to aid in general health and enrichment.
Results may vary between flocks and length of time may differ.

Chickens eat approximately 130g of standard chicken feed per head per day, If fed Nesty Superfoods in conjunction with your regular feed, pack sizes would last approximately:

2kg Nesty Superfoods = 4kg feed mixed 3.5kg Nesty Superfoods = 7kg feed mixed
1 chicken 30.7 days 53.8 days
2 chicken 15.3 days 26.9 days
3 chicken 10.2 days 17.9 days
4 chicken 7.6 days 13.4 days
5 chicken 6.1 days 10.7 days
6 chicken 5.1 days 8.9 days
7 chicken 4.3 days 7.6 days
8 chicken 3.8 days 6.7 days
9 chicken 3.4 days 5.9 days
10 chicken 3 days 5.3 days


PET FOOD ONLY. INTENDED FOR CHICKENS ONLY. This product does not contain any restricted animal material. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Sourced from a feedsafe acredited mill. WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY IF THIS FEED IS USED IN QUANTITIES, CONDITIONS OR IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE RECOMMENDATIONS. UNSUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Ingredients Disclaimer

The feed displayed in ingredients is representative, and the actual appearance of the feed may vary naturally. However, this natural variation in appearance does not impact the feed's nutritional value in any way.