Why Is My Chicken Losing Feathers?

Why Is My Chicken Losing Feathers?

Understanding Feather Loss in Chickens: Causes and Solutions

If you’re a chicken lover with a backyard coop, you might occasionally notice that your animals lose feathers. Feather loss can be brought on by moulting, poor nutrition, stress, environmental factors, parasite infestations, seasonal changes, and the egg-laying cycle.


One of the most frequent causes of feather loss in chickens is moulting. Chickens naturally shed their old feathers during the moulting process to make room for their new ones. This process, which typically takes place in the fall, will make chickens look scruffy and incur feather loss. The majority of chickens' feathers will regrow in a matter of weeks after moulting, which is a healthy and natural process.

Poor Nutrition 

Poor nutrition is another factor contributing to the loss of feathers in chickens. Chickens require a well-balanced diet high in protein, vitamins, and minerals to maintain their overall health and well being. An unbalanced diet can make feathers brittle and thin, which will eventually cause them to fall out. To ensure that your chickens receive the nutrients they require, give them access to fresh water, high-quality poultry feed, and natural food sources like grass and insects.


Stress is another element that causes feather loss in chickens. Chickens that are overcrowded, live in unhygienic conditions, exposed to loud noises, or risk of predators may experience stress. Stress can weaken their defences and lead to feather loss. Maintain a clean, adequately ventilated coop, and give your chickens plenty of space to roam.


Extreme temperatures can also contribute to chickens losing their feathers. Chickens may lose their feathers during cold weather in an effort to maintain a warm body temperature. In hot weather, heat stress can also cause chickens to lose their feathers.


You can prevent feather loss from temperature changes by giving your chickens adequate shelter and making sure their coop is well-insulated.
Infestations of mites and lice can itch chickens' skin and make them scratch excessively, which may lead to feather loss too. You must routinely check your chickens for signs of parasite infestations and implement effective control measures if you want to avoid feather loss brought on by parasite infestations.

Egg-laying Cycle 

For older hens in particular, the egg-laying cycle can cause feather loss. Hens frequently lose feathers close to their vent, which is a normal part of the egg-laying cycle. The hen's feathers will grow back after she has finished laying eggs.
Feather loss is a common issue for chickens, but finding the root of the issue and acting accordingly are essential for maintaining the health of your flock. Regularly checking your chickens for feather loss, feeding them a balanced diet, minimising stress, and guarding against parasite infestations are all crucial steps in keeping your chickens healthy.
Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin
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