What's the best nest box? Comparing the chicken nest boxes

What's the best nest box? Comparing the chicken nest boxes

Ultimate Guide to Chicken Nesting Boxes

Are you contemplating the best nest box option for your coop? Chicken nesting boxes come in various materials like wood, plastic, or metal. You have the choice of either an external nest box, which attaches to your coop's exterior, or an internal one that fits inside. Additionally, the new Nesty Insulated chicken nest box model offers optional legs, allowing it to free stand within your coop. Whether you're an experienced poultry keeper or just beginning, selecting the right chicken nesting box is vital for your hens laying needs. Our market-leading models include the efficient rollaway nesting boxes and the cutting-edge insulated chicken nesting boxes.


Design and Build Quality:

The Nesty Insulated Chicken Nest Box is a market first unique design, ideal for withstanding varied weather conditions. Made with high-quality cold room panels, it ensures longevity and a warm or cool environment ideal for laying hens. On the other hand, the Roll Away Nest Box offers a unique roll-away design, perfect for keeping eggs safe and clean as soon as they are laid. 


Functionality and User Experience:

Ease of egg collection is an easy with the Roll Away Nest Box, as eggs roll away into a secure compartment. This feature protects eggs from being pecked. The Nesty Chicken Nest Box, while not featuring a roll-away design, provides a spacious and comfortable laying environment, with the side panel on hinges access is easy and locked with a high-quality latch. 


Suitability for Different Sized Flocks:

Both nest boxes offer a fast solution for egg collection making both of them suitable for flocks of all sizes. The Insulated Chicken Nest Box is suitable for up to 5 hens and the roll away comes in different sizes to suit small to large flocks as well. 


Cost and value: 

The price of the Nesty Insulated chicken nest box is only slightly higher in comparison to the roll away nest box options, however below is a comparison table of the features offered between the two models: 

 Nest Box Features

Nesty also offer discount for purchasing in multiples to accomodate flocks of all sizes. 


Both the Nesty Chicken Nest Box and the Roll Away Nest Box offer unique benefits. Your choice depends on your specific needs to keep your flock productive and laying, each box hosts multiple features. 


How to ensure your chickens to lay in the nesting boxes:

Your chooks might instinctively take to their new nesting boxes, yet occasionally, one or two might need a gentle nudge. Here are some effective strategies to encourage those hesitant hens to embrace the nesting boxes you've set up.


Ensure a Comforting Environment: 

Check the nesting boxes' location to ensure nothing is deterring your chickens. Sometimes, draping a cloth or curtain over the entrance can make them feel more secure and private.


Optimal Number of Nesting Boxes:

Having an adequate number of nesting boxes is key. If there are too few, some chickens might opt to lay their eggs elsewhere.


Use a Nest Egg or Golf Ball as a Lure:

A nest egg (or even a golf ball) placed in the nesting box can signal to your chickens that it's a safe and popular spot for laying. This simple trick can boost their confidence and encourage usage.


Morning Coop Confinement: 

Since most chickens lay in the morning, keeping them in the coop until mid-morning can prompt them to use the nesting boxes instead of laying in the run.


Regular Cleaning is Essential: Chickens prefer a clean, cosy space for laying their eggs. Regularly cleaning the boxes not only maintains hygiene but also encourages them to lay in the same spot consistently.


Best Chicken Nesting Boxes for cleaning:

Maintaining clean chicken nesting boxes is crucial for your hens' health and happiness. Proper positioning reduces the likelihood of chickens sleeping in them, thus minimising mess. Nonetheless, occasionally a box may get dirty. A quick inspection and clean-up while collecting eggs is an effective way to keep your nesting boxes tidy and welcoming for your chickens.


The Nesty Insulated Chicken Nesting Box sets the standard for easy cleaning in the market. Its unique detachable design allows for swift external removal, enabling efficient cleaning. For optimal cleanliness, Nesty advises using soapy water to thoroughly scrub away dirt and residue. Afterward, a rinse with clean water and complete drying is essential. Finish by adding fresh bedding. This quick, simple cleaning process ensures a clean laying environment for your hens, taking only minutes to complete.


Still undecided? Visit our website for more insights on chicken nest boxes, or contact our team for advice to suit your poultry keeping needs.



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