Suburban Chicken Keeping: A Beginner's Guide

Suburban Chicken Keeping: A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide to chicken keeping! 

Welcome to the fascinating world of suburban chicken keeping in Australia! Whether you're keen on enjoying fresh eggs, employing natural pest control, or simply cherishing the company of feathered mates, our beginner's guide is here to kickstart your adventure in backyard poultry care.


Section 1: Selecting the Ideal Chickens for Your Aussie Backyard

Finding the right breed for your backyard is crucial. In Australia, popular breeds include the Australorp, known for its robust egg-laying abilities, and the ISA Brown, a champ in egg production. When starting, consider breeds like the Silkie for their calm temperament and lower noise levels.

How many chooks should you start with, you ask?

Well, a typical Aussie backyard can comfortably accommodate 3-5 chickens, ensuring they have ample space to roam and express natural behaviours.


Additionally ensuring the chickens have enrichment items in their yard or roaming area is important to promote productivity within your flock. We offer a blend of seeds to sow your chickens. A 10 seed blend mix of vegetation to enrich your hens diet and stimulate their minds, it's simply raked into the ground and watered regularly to produce a nutrient rich pasture for them to graze! 


Section 2: Essentials for Your Chicken Coop

Essential Elements of Coop Design and Location:

Considerations include the size (allowing 1-1.5 square metres per chook), ensuring proper ventilation, and securing the coop against native predators like snakes and foxes.


DIY vs. Pre-made Coops: 

Building your own coop can be a rewarding project, offering customisation and cost-saving benefits. However, pre-made coops are a time-efficient alternative, often designed with optimal functionality in mind.


Poultry Laying Boxes:

Poultry laying boxes are crucial in a coop as they provide a secure, comfortable environment for hens to lay eggs, ensuring egg cleanliness and safety. They also help in reducing egg-eating and stress among hens, leading to more consistent and healthy egg production. 


Feeding Your Chooks: Nutritional Know-How

Balanced feed and occasional supplements are key. Ensure your feed choice caters to their life stage – from pullet to layer. 


Health and Hygiene:

Regular health checks and maintaining a clean coop are paramount. Be on the lookout for common issues like mites and lice, and establish a routine cleaning schedule.


Being a Considerate Chicken Keeper

Minimise noise and control odours to maintain good relationships with your neighbours. Considerate practices include proper waste management and strategic coop placement.


Keeping chickens in a suburban setting in Australia can be immensely rewarding, bringing a slice of country life to your home. Follow this guide, and you're well on your way to being a top-notch chicken keeper. Revel in the journey and all the perks that come with backyard chooks!


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Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin
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