How To Stop Chickens From Eating Their Eggs? Here's 6 Ways To Stop Them

How To Stop Chickens From Eating Their Eggs? Here's 6 Ways To Stop Them

Preventing Egg Eating in Chickens: Effective Strategies and Tips  


Egg eating can become a bad habit in chickens, and it can be difficult to break. If you begin noticing broken eggs in the coop, there are are a few things you can do to help manage the problem.  

Collect eggs frequently:

If eggs are left in the nest for too long, chickens may begin to eat them. Collect eggs at least twice a day to minmise the opportunity.

Nesting boxes:

If chickens don't have enough space to lay their eggs, they may start breaking and eating them. Make sure there is at least one nesting box for every four to five hens, and that they are comfortable and safe.

Fake eggs:

Poultry keepers experiencing problems with egg eating may find fake eggs particularly useful, as they won't break when pecked at and assist in discouraging this persistent habit. They have the added bonus of encouraging hens to lay in a particular location.

Balanced diet:

If chickens are not getting enough calcium or other nutrients in their diet, they may begin eating their eggs. Provide a well-balanced diet rich in calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients. Shellgrit or a liquid calcium supplement may be an appropriate addition to your chooks diet


Chickens may begin eating their eggs out of boredom. Allow them plenty of room to roam, dust-bathe, and forage, and provide toys and other forms of entertainment to keep them busy.

Removing members of the flock:

Think about culling problem birds: If all else fails, think about culling the birds that eat the eggs. This is a last resort, but it may be necessary to prevent the habit from spreading to the rest of the flock.


Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin
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