How to Reinforce Your Chicken Coop for a Nesting Box

How to Reinforce Your Chicken Coop for a Nesting Box

Are you planning to add a chicken nesting box to your coop?

It's essential to ensure that it's securely installed to handle the weight and activity of your hens. Here's a step-by-step guide on reinforcing your chicken coop for an insulated nesting box using the internal mounting brackets. 


Assess the Space Inside Your Coop

Before anything, check the internal wall of your coop where you plan to mount the nesting box. The wall needs to be sturdy enough to support the nesting box's weight.


Materials You'll Need

  • Insulated chicken nesting box
  • Nesty Metal Internal Brackets
  • Wooden plank (as a mounting board)
  • Timber Screws supplied with nest box. 
  • Drill
  • Phillips head drill bit
  • Masonry Drill bit 
  • Measuring tape


Step 1: Prepare the Mounting Board

Using a wooden plank as a mounting board will distribute the weight across the wall more evenly. Measure the length according to internal size of the supporting structure of the chicken coop.


Step 2: Cut the wooden plank to length for internal structure. 

Using a saw cut the wooden plank to the marked length. 


Step 3: Attach the Brackets to the Wooden Plank

It is recommended to install the brackets to the nesting box prior to attaching to the wooden plank to ensure the alignment is 100% correct, we did make the slots on the Internal Brackets wide to ensure alignment is correct. 


Once installed on the Nesting Box, use a drill and timber screws to mount the two brackets Part (J) on the Internal bracket to the wooden plank. 

It is recommended to remove the nesting box before proceeding to the Next steps. 


Step 4: Drill Pilot Holes

Before attaching the plank to the coop's wall, drill pilot holes to ensure the screws get enough grip into the chicken coop structure and to ensure the wood doesn't split. 

(We drilled 3 holes for this plank of wood).


Step 5: Secure the Mounting Board to the Coop

With the brackets in place, now mount the board to the internal wall of your coop. Use a drill and screws to secure it firmly against the existing structure of the chicken coop.


Step 5: Mount the Nesting Box

Finally, attach the insulated chicken nesting box to the brackets. Double-check all the screws and ensure everything is tight and secure.


With these steps, your chicken nesting boxes will be as secure as can be, ensuring a safe and comfortable place for your hens to lay their eggs.


Remember, the key to a successful DIY project is preparation and using the right tools and materials. Happy building!

Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin
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