Nesty Bundles

Bundle and save with our thoughtfully combined products to offer you
convenience and value. From chicken feed to accessories, our bundles are tailored
to provide everything your poultry requires in one easy package.

Discover our range of Chicken Feed Bundles

Keep your chickens happy and full with our chicken feed bundles, like our
chicken feed block bundles and enrichment pack, designed for flocks of all
Productivity is that easy, keep their minds stimulated with the
high quality feeds we have to offer.

Cost effective solutions

Keeping a flock of chickens can be expensive especially when you want
to treat them with top quality feeds and treats. Our basics bundle
is the perfect solution to enrich your chickens diet and solve problems
for a cost effective price.

How can our bundles help you?

We all know happy flock equals happy life, our tailored packages help you
get all products required to run a productive flock at an affordable price.
From nest boxes, chicken coop accessories, chicken feeds, supplements and poultry
seeds we've got all the options you could need.